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Our Texas LongHorn with her new born calf! Dremehahtaten … [Read more...]

Heavy Metal & Toxic Chemical Detoxification Suggestions ©

*Thorough APN testing of a client’s bio system (all 5 levels) allows for optimal diagnosis and more importantly viable solutions to their disease (prior care of dis-ease will prevent DISEASE) leading to effective treatment. All clients should be … [Read more...]

Life Is All Around


We set our selves apart from the rest. We are all natural real working farm. We do not use any chemicals or pesticides on our herbs and our property is teeming with wildlife. … [Read more...]

Fall Is Almost Here Again


Here is a picture of some of the beautiful seasons we have at Hidden Paradise Farms. Hidden Paradise Farms is where MORIN LABORATORIES, INC. grows medicinal herbs. red cloud . Acdibottcarta . Synringbentmooker . … [Read more...]

Welcome to Morin Labortories

We are very pleased to have you here. If this is your first visit then please take a look around, we are always adding new content. south africa If not then thank you for your return business. We look forward to exceeding your expectations. … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of Angelica Root


The health benefits of Angelica have been well known for centuries as they were cultivated as a flavoring agent and as a medicinal plant. This is a northern European herb and has been widely cultivated as it has many uses. The seeds and roots … [Read more...]

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